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5th Sep 2014
Martin Gaunt

Left QuoteI have known Andy for years, and am happy to pass him work, when I am busy. 4N works. He is happy to help me at short notice.Right Quote

27th Aug 2014
Nigel Blight

Left QuoteFixed Win 8.1 Pc that had suddenly gone slow and would not accept a reinstall. All done in 24 hours no fuss, no drama and it works just fine now. Many thanks Right Quote

1st Jul 2014
Nigel Crowe

Left QuoteGreat service - always with a smile! Andy resolved a number of quirky issues with the office PC's and laptop. If you know Andy you will know how easy he is to deal with. If you don't know him and need IT services then get to know him quickly as he can save you a load of grief! Thank you again.Right Quote

21st May 2014
Stuart Warwick

Left QuoteAndy, whilst sourcing a new batttary, also sorted out an annoying quirk with my pc making it difficult to rely on it. At short notice he looked into it and it is now as good as new. Highly recommended fast and reliable IT service!Right Quote

25th Mar 2014
Jane Sumner

Left QuoteI would like to highlight Andy Raybould''s fantastic IT support that he has provided me with over the past couple of months. He always deals with my panic calls and texts in a prompt,calm,professional manner. Nothing is too much trouble ! Keep 07933 795338 in your phone for computer emergencies!Right Quote

13th Mar 2014
Andrew Logan

Left QuoteWith Windows XP coming to end of life, Andy has been extremely helpful with valuable consultancy on the upgrade path for all my practice machines - giving me peace of mind for an upgrade free of interruptions and with complete data security. Call him now before he is swamped with work!Right Quote

16th Jan 2014
David Botterill-Scott

Left QuoteComputer back-ups! People nagged me for years to get something organised. Andy just said give me a call and I'll sort it all out for you. After 10 minutes he had set me up with an internet back-up system that doesn't need me to remember to do anything and was cheap as chips. Marvellous!Right Quote

5th Sep 2013
Michelle Turner-Davidson

Left QuoteAndy resolved a longterm issue with my emails affecting several devices, but what I like most is Andy's no jargon client-friendly approach. This means I get to understand and learn something too! Definitely recommend Andy for all your IT problemsRight Quote

18th Apr 2013
Nigel Crowe

Left QuoteAndy has helped me with a number of IT issues for my business. Easy to deal with and explains what I need to understand. if you need advice speak to Andy.Right Quote

24th Mar 2013
Daniel Bennett

Left QuoteVery simple really - Andy is a star. So easy to get on with, solves problems, and happily stands in as a highly efficient Ops Assistant, as well as his own role at North Beds. Highly, highly recommend Andy.Right Quote

20th Mar 2013
Anna Jeoffroy-Salmon

Left QuoteI am hugely grateful to Andy for his welcome temporary help as Operations assistant for Huntingdon, his ability to have everything so well organised ensures that the meeting is seamless. I really appreciate that he is prepared to go the extra mile to help
Thank you
AnnaRight Quote

20th Feb 2013
Julie Vesely

Left QuoteAndy is always so helpful! He doesn't make me feel silly for not understanding computer things that speak a funny language and its always nice to have a cheery voice at the end of the phone when things go wrong.
Right Quote

19th Jan 2013
Yvette Lamidey

Left QuoteAndy supported me through very trying times with email, intermittent internet connection, printers not talking to computers etc. He always strives to give the very best service and is not satisfied until everything has been resolved to his satisfaction which will always he higher than the client.Right Quote

5th Dec 2012
Helen Smith

Left QuoteMy mum recently spilt coffee on her laptop and in my efforts to help, I managed to screw up the display screen by flipping it upside down... Andy calmly came to the rescue and fixed the laptop, keeping me fully informed of what he was doing and how much it would cost! Brilliant service - Thanks!Right Quote

23rd Aug 2012
David Lambert

Left QuoteI did warn Andy that i'm a bit rough with my IT, as such he is now fixing my laptop for the 2nd time. Repsonse is key to me and my priority, Andy has been there for us getting our IT on track, & he has had to take time out to understand our systems and processes so he can help us best. Thanks AndyRight Quote

6th Aug 2012
Stuart Warwick

Left QuoteAndy's patience and easy going nature combined with his determination to help sort your IT problems is brilliant. Apart from getting a dead laptop back to life he has given great advice on the IT for my partner's warehouse expansion. Higly recommended!Right Quote

8th May 2012
Rob Harris

Left QuoteAndy's sure and steady approach has rescued me from IT paralysis on several occasions. It is so comforting to have an IT guy alongside when needed. I recommend Andy as someone knowledgeable and approachable - you can't go wrong having Andy as your IT friend!Right Quote

8th Mar 2012
Bryan Moore

Left QuoteThanks Andy, for sorting me out. I called Andy in to sort out what I thought was a virus as the office machine was working at snail pace. Andy took the machine, played around with it and brought it back to me, I truely believed it was another machine working a great deal quicker than before. Right Quote

16th Feb 2012
Betty Weltz

Left QuoteAndy has brought our ailing laptop back to life several times now. He has gone the extra mile at short notice, and I've asked him for bits of information more than once - he has such patience and expertise, I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.Right Quote

19th Oct 2011
John Holden

Left QuoteAndy sorted out my backup for me. I am now in the cloud. It was badly needed and completed with a minimum of disruption. A great service and great value. Thanks Andy.Right Quote

4th Aug 2011
Kevin Reading

Left QuoteAndy certainly does what it says on the tin. Not only did he take on fixing my laptop at very short notice but I had it back within 6 hours all in working order. Excellent service. Highly recommended.
Right Quote

7th Jun 2011
Stephen Rhodes

Left QuoteThe man is a mine of (Computer) information and a pleasure to work with in video production.
Thanks Andy.Right Quote